Water Kefir


Water kefir is kombucha’s wild child twin – a refreshing untamed tonic brimming with live cultures that you can enjoy straight up or use as a mixer. It’s the original fizzy drink as it naturally carbonates during the fermentation process. Remarkably low in natural sugar and free of caffeine, dairy and gluten, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to improve their overall diet and gut biome. Water kefir lovers see it as an incredibly healthy choice – it’s powerfully rich with billions of live cultures that can restore your natural gut biome with every single sip.


Wildling is small batch brewed at The Potion Shed in Sussex where we stay true to ancient methods of fermentation. It’s proudly unpasteurised so does need to be stored chilled below 5 degrees to keep the wild in check! Please never shake a Wildling - it’s alive and wild so treat it with care! How and when you deliver our gut enhancing bubbles to your biome really depends on you and your lifestyle. Many of our Wildlings enjoy a glass of water kefir instead of fruit juice first thing in the morning, setting up their digestive system for the day. Others choose to sip theirs early evening as a tummy settling alternative to a glass of wine or Prosecco.

Wildling comes in five delicious flavours to suit every mood and palette: Lime & Mint, Rhubarb & Ginger and Elderflower. Wildling is a completely natural and live drink that’s made in a traditional way. Wildling is pure fermented magic. To find out more about water kefir and our fermenting process click here

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